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Listed below are various websites that will help you obtain more information about Valdegovía and its surroundings.
It is easy to enjoy this environment and organise your cultural, sporting and leisure activities.


TEverything you want to know about Valle de Valdegovía: History, things to see, useful phone numbers...

Valle Saladosalinas-de-anana

Discover the salt valley, book your visit...

San martín de ValparaisoSan martín de Valparaiso

Climbing school

Valderejo Natural Park parque-natural-de-valderejo

Small semi-circular valley where you will find nature and rural life

Monte Santiago Natural Heritage Site salto del Nervion-Monte-Santiago

Following a forest track surrounded by beech trees, we arrive at the Salto del Nervión with its 300m drop

Montes Obarenes Natural Park - San ZadornilParque Natural Montes Obarenes - San Zadornil

From San Zadornil, we can access a fragment of this huge park in northern Burgos, configured in this area as a green city with streets, neighbourhoods, squares and transport.

Nordic WalkingNordic Walking

In Valdegovía lies one of the Nordic walking centres that make up the brand Nordic Walking Gunea of Euskadi. Here you can practice this sport outdoors, along different free-to-access routes.

Mountain biking in Valderejo-Añanabtt-valderejo-anana

The mountain biking centre at Valderejo-Añana has 7 routes of varying difficulty, amongst which the Sobrón Alto route, made up of 24 kilometres, is a stand out, as well as the more accessible Espejo and Angosto routes.


Collegiate church and altarpiece, Zaldíbar Palace...

Horse ridingdoma

Horse training, agistment, equitation school, camps, horseback tourism...

Santa Catalina Botanical Gardens jardin-santa-catalina

Nearly 1000 different species from across five continents. There are also remains of the palace and cisterns, entrance to the moat and to the choir of the church.

Adventure in Sobronaventura-de-sobron

Adventure camp, kayaking, bungee jumping, paintball...

Añana Tourismanana-turismo

Cultural agenda, news, photo gallery ...

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